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Glenn Cook, Peter Campbell and I did a delegation from the Museum to the Smiths Falls Town Council at 17:00 on 7 Dec 2015. It was to present the Council with a plaque showing a group picture of the New Council at its first meeting after the Election last November. Below the picture was a brass citation recognizing that the first item on the agenda at that first Council meeting the same three individuals presented the Airport Story video. The plaque commemorated that historic event.

The Mayor was gracious in accepting the plaque on behalf of the Council, and thanked to Museum and the Club for their work at the Airport. Jay Brennan spoke up after our presentation and was particularly positive about all we are accomplishing as Airport operators and singled out the RtR Event for what it has brought to Smiths Falls, including a very profitable venue for Smiths Falls Service Clubs who support the community, as well as the charity contributions from the Museum to Local youth group Charities. Joe Gallipeau was also supportive.

They had the fuel system replacement item on the agenda right after our presentation but we did not stay for it.

Glenn introducing the plaque that he had created 575
Dave presenting Plaque om behalf of the Club and the Museum